Baby Forest Opens its First Flagship Store in Delhi’s Select City Walk Mall

New Delhi (India), May 8: Baby Forest Ayurveda Pvt Ltd., a leading name in Ayurvedic baby care, has unveiled its stunning flagship store in Delhi’s prestigious Select City Walk Mall. The store offers a unique sensory experience, showcasing the brand’s commitment to blending luxury, sustainability, and traditional Indian wellness practices.

Upon entering the store, customers are greeted by a calming ambiance. Earthy tones and textures create a harmonious space, accented by artistic poles and carefully curated product displays. The serene environment reflects Baby Forest’s deep connection to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic health.

Holistic Baby Care on Display: The store showcases the brand’s comprehensive range of baby care products, all meticulously crafted using Ayurvedic principles and natural ingredients.  From gentle washes, nourishing hair oils, hydrating face cream, ayurvedic face wash to massage oils and specially designed BPA FREE patented feeding bottle, each item is imbued with the transformative power of Ayurveda.

A Journey of Discovery:  The store layout is designed to guide customers on a journey of discovery. Informative displays highlight the benefits of each product, allowing parents to make informed choices that align with their child’s unique needs and Ayurvedic principles.  Knowledgeable staff is also available to answer questions and provide expert guidance.

More Than Just Products:  Baby Forest’s flagship store goes beyond simply selling products like bath ritual collection, everyday essentials, organic clothing, It also offers a captivating educational experience. Visitors can learn about the rich history and philosophy of Ayurveda, gaining a deeper appreciation for these time-honored practices. This holistic approach sets Baby Forest apart, empowering parents to embrace the power of Ayurveda in their child’s well-being.

A Haven for Wellness: The flagship store marks Baby Forest’s commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.  Here, luxury meets sustainability and ancient wisdom to create a haven of holistic well-being for babies.  The store serves as an invitation for parents to embark on a transformative journey, seamlessly integrating Ayurveda into the fabric of their baby’s care.

Gagan Agarwal, the founder of Baby Forest stated: “we are thrilled to bring the enchanting world of Baby Forest to the heart of New Delhi. The new store is a reflection of our dedication to providing a nurturing environment for both babies and new mothers. With the Delhi flagship store as a launchpad, Baby Forest plans to open 10 additional stores in major metro cities across India. This expansion signifies the brand’s commitment to making its unique blend of Ayurvedic baby care accessible to parents nationwide.

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